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September 16-18, 2019 | Santa Clara, CA

The New Standard of Care is Digital

John Sharp, Director, Thought Advisor, HIMSS

Health IT innovation is pervasive and creating disruption in the industry, but how is it filtered to new clinical workflows and patient experience? What works and what doesn’t?

Texas Health Resources may be able to provide some answers to these questions. The health system is teaming up with a startup to deliver a new generation of house calls. With this technology, patients can request appointments through an app or the phone. If the resource deems a house call necessary, a small team and equipped van will appear within two hours. The focus of this platform is on chronic conditions-specifically managing non-urgent care in hopes of avoiding unnecessary ER visits.

Another example focuses on controlling blood pressure, which is a major initiative of several medical societies as it affects 75-120 million people in the US. Since monitoring on an intermittent basis in the doctor’s office may not be effective to reach all patients, home monitoring has become the new pathway to broader control. Providing patients the ability to track their blood pressure from outside the healthcare setting can prevent more serious problems like heart attacks and strokes. Digital blood pressure monitors, education and coaching along with the lower price and broader availability can make this a reality.

Heart failure may be the next target for innovation embedded into workflow with the availability of wearables and small devices which monitor atrial fibrillation and other digital biomarkers. Data can be synched from apps (including questionnaires) which capture the data and integrated into the EMR workflow. The use of these tools in drug research will also enable continuous rather than intermittent monitoring of symptoms and potentially accelerate results.

The New Standard Care: Innovations Driving Improved Care
Experts from Texas Health Resources and Providence St. Joseph Health meet with Shahid Shah to discuss how innovation has played a role in improving patient care and the patient experience.

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