A HIMSS Event | SANTA CLARA, CA | SEPT. 16-18, 2019

September 16-18, 2019 | Santa Clara, CA

How Startups Can Partner with Big Business for Innovation

By Heather Munro, freelance writer focusing on emerging technology.

 Fans of HBO’s Silicon Valley love the show’s running storyline that pits struggling startup Pied Piper against Hooli, an omnipotent conglomerate with a striking resemblance to Google. The story of “the little guy” working to disrupt the status quo is familiar to anyone working in the IT industry. But lately, there have been signs that instead of competing against traditional behemoths, entrepreneurs are are partnering with them.

Young businesses are developing relationships with established companies in unexpected ways, according to Inc. Magazine. Nike, Microsoft, American Express and PepsiCo, for example, have created accelerators, investment funds and other programs aimed at creating mutually beneficial business outcomes. These partnerships are a classic win-win situation, enabling big companies to access some of today’s most innovative thinkers while giving small companies the funding or client relationships they need to take off.

Fran Ayalasomayajula, healthcare executive strategist at HP, recently shared her tips on how to scale to work with large healthcare entities with HIMSS.TV. To learn more, watch Startups must build partnerships to scale products.

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