September 16-18, 2018 | Santa Clara, CA

Health 2.0 By-The-Numbers

by GRACE MOEN - Writer for Health 2.0 covering news and trends and reflecting on the industry.



Let’s be honest, the Santa Clara Convention Center is a big, sprawling, get-your-steps-in kind of place (Producer Irena walked 43,105 steps last year. That’s 20.4 miles, which is half of what Producer Emily walked when she visited Disneyland with the kids on her post-con vacay.) It can be hard to grasp the true scale of what happens at the Health 2.0 Annual Fall Conference. This is the biggest, baddest event Health 2.0 throws every year, and we want to break it down for you. This is your VIP sneak peek at what it takes to pull off this show.


Let's start with how many fellow health tech wonks are in the room with you - 2,183 it turns out. It’s kind of like a Festival! And like a Festival, there are a lot of stages - 11 to be exact - that in total feature 125 live performances. Er, technology demonstrations. (Health 2.0 has actually hosted many live performances. See below for a rundown) Each technology demo is carefully constrained by our famous 3.5 minute model, so when you do the math, Health 2.0 attendees get access to a total of 7.3 hours of innovative technologies while they’re at the conference.


Below are the numbers that capture the pace, energy, and scale of the Health 2.0 Annual Fall Conference...


  • Years our Sponsor numbers have increased: 10
  • Cases of beer consumed during our exhibition hall networking receptions: 833
  • Number of new venues needed to accommodate our growing sponsor base: 3
  • Square footage of exhibit hall space: 35,000
That’s the size of a football field!



  • Volunteers: 82
  • Volunteer hours: 1066

Not all heroes wear capes. Give them a high-five this year.



  • Boxed lunches: 3050
  • Gallons of coffee served: 220
  • Donuts served: 0

Because we’re a health conference and we practice what we preach. No donuts. No soda. Not ever.



  • Times Matthew Holt dressed in drag: 1

Want photo proof? We have it.



  • Times Jonathan Bush wore bright red short shorts and launched ping pong balls into the crowd: 1
  • Times ZDoggMD performed at Health 2.0, courtesy of athenahealth: 1

ZDoggMD parodies Usher’s Ignition with “Readmission” and it is a riot. Watch it here.



  • Live theater: 1

Remember Cliff and Dr. Robin’s love story? We do!



  • Times Matthew Holt and Pascal Lardier were twinning on stage: 1

Does anyone have photo evidence of this? London 2013…



  • Fashion Shows: 2

Ah, yes… the infamous Wearables Runway DJ’d by Baron von Luxxury. And if you also attended Patients 2.0 you would been witness to when Sarah Krug re-designed the hospital gown based on feedback from hundreds of patient surveys and showcased it to our audience.



  • Tango dancers: 1

Another creative Sarah Krug contribution.



  • Film Screenings: 9

This year we’re screening back-to-back films on Monday September 17: Do No Harm by Robyn Symon and The Healthcare Roadshow by our very own Indu Subaiya.



  • Times Health 2.0 was infiltrated by protesters: 2
Like that one time in Brooklyn, when protesters stormed the stage to advocate for transgender healthcare rights under New York State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker’s reign.



  • Times MINDU threw shade: like, a lot. They are, after all, disruptors.
  • Times Health 2.0 revealed never-before-seen, cutting edge technology: 101

If you’ve never attended Launch! then you’re missing out.



Good times….! So don’t miss it - register for the 12th Annual Fall Conference today.


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