Live Tech Demos You Won’t Want to Miss

Live technology demos are a major hallmark of Health 2.0 events. We’re excited to announce some of the 100+ companies shaking up health care who will be showcasing their products with live tech demos at Health 2.0’s Fall Conference.

Join us to learn more about companies like:

Aaptiv, called the “Netflix of fitness,” serves up 2,500+ audio-based workout plans you can do from anywhere.
Meru Health offers an eight-week treatment program for depression, burnout, and anxiety using cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness-based intervention.
Heartflow uses advanced machine learning (AI) to perform its HeartFlow Analysis to help diagnose coronary artery disease.
The Spire device captures real-time bio-signals. The company will unveil the Spire Health Tag, the industry’s smallest commercially-available device that discreetly adheres to your clothes for personalized health guidance.

Pillo Health will demo its AI-powered personal health companion that helps you manage your health through voice technology, like Amazon’s Alexa.

The iBeat smartwatch and Heart Hero app give you faster access to care in case of emergency and offers basic CPR training to help you with cardiac arrest before the paramedics arrive.

Cedar leverages machine learning and consumer-focused design and technology to dramatically improve billing operations and ensure a personalized billing experience for patients.
The Trek Medics app Beacon alerts trained users to nearby emergency situations, decreasing response time and speeding up access to treatment and transportation to a hospital.
Healthify is a service that helps healthcare organizations track the needs of community members, find them community services, and coordinate referrals with community partners.

The 98Point6 smartphone app connects patients with physicians from anywhere cell service is available to discuss health issues and potentially receive a diagnosis and treatment.

Mira is a smartphone-connected platform that enables easy health tracking and provides accurate and personalized fertility tracking and analysis.

LifeOmic is a cloud platform that integrates and indexes contrasting sources of information, including genomic, clinical, imaging, and population data.


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